A Replication Study of Reducing the Risk, a Theory-Based Sexuality Curriculum for Adolescents



ABSTRACT: Reducing the Risk is a theory-based, sexuality education curriculum shown to influence the knowledge and behaviors of secondary students. This study determined whether the behavioral effects of the curriculum could be duplicated in a southern, rural state. In a quasiexperimental design, pretest and posttest inventories were administered to students in treatment and comparison groups to determine the influence of Reducing the Risk on sexual behaviors. Results of the 18-month study indicated students receiving the curriculum significantly delayed initiating sexual intercourse. Sexually active students in the treatment group were significantly more likely to protect themselves from STD/HIV and pregnancy than sexually active students in the comparison group. In addition, students receiving Reducing the Risk showed a significant increase in parent-child communication about sexual issues. These results reinforce previous research that found positive behavioral effects for students receiving the Reducing the Risk curriculum