ABSTRACT: Abstinence-only programs for preventing teen pregnancy are the only options in some states but are the programs of choice in others. Effectiveness data, however, are lacking. The SOS Adolescent Family Life Program (SOS), an abstinence-only teen pregnancy prevention program, was implemented in south central Louisiana. Peer mentoring with an abstinence and life skills curriculum comprised the major components. SOS was implemented in the same grades in the same schools with new students each year for five years. During the final years of the program, qualitative evaluation was conducted with principals, teachers, peer mentors, and students. Use of peer mentors was reaffirmed as valuable; however, quality of peer mentoring was questioned and was a major issue for improvement. Other issues included: starting sexuality education in earlier grades, updating curricula and materials, offering more interactive classes, improving peer mentor training, and using teacher input to improve educational aspects of the program. Qualitative assessments provided valuable insights for future improvement in abstinence-only programs.