Existence of the School Health Coordinator in a Frontier State


  • Funding for this project was provided by the Wyoming Department of Education, Health and Safety Unit.


ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to determine whether school districts in a rural western state employed school health coordinators or at least employed individuals who possessed the skills suggested for school health coordinators. Baseline data were collected soliciting the involvement of all 48 state school districts and the state girl's school (N = 49). Thirty-seven districts responded (75.5%). Identified school health coordinators were predominantly health and physical education teachers. Most coordinators spent minimal time (less than 10% of time) each week on school health coordination activities; nearly one half identified little or no coordination of school health efforts in their school districts; few identified personal involvement in budgetary matters concerning school health; and most identified their primary teaching responsibilities as the areas where the majority of their time was spent. Data collected help create a profile of the “typical” district level-school health coordinator in this frontier state and can assist in the development of future efforts aimed at school health coordination through the work of district-level school health coordinators.