Nutrition and dietetics in aged care


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Aim:  The global trends of rapid population ageing and increased risk of malnutrition among older people have a tremendous impact on nutrition care for the elderly. The present paper offers an overview of the challenging nutritional needs and problems of the elderly and explores strategies related to nutrition and dietetics to improve care for this particular segment of the population.

Methods:  A narrative review on monitoring malnutrition and improving food services was undertaken with reference to the literature and drawing on the experience of the author.

Results:  There is a wide range of problems associated with malnutrition in the elderly that have implications on strategies of intervention for addressing these problems.

Conclusions:  The current challenges for dietitians include identifying and monitoring the nutritional needs and malnutrition problems of the elderly, improving the quality of food services in health-care facilities, and initiating innovative approaches to nutrition and dietetic services in the community.