Research Article: Asymmetric Hydrophosphylation of Chiral N-Phosphonyl Imines Provides an Efficient Approach to Chiral α-Amino Phosphonates


Corresponding author: Guigen Li,


Chiral N-phosphonylimines were found to react with lithium phosphites to provide various substituted chiral α-amino phosphonates in excellent yields (94–97%) and diastereoselectivities (93:7–99:1). The types of bases utilized for generating the nucleophile are crucial for the effectiveness of asymmetric induction. In addition, N,N-isopropyl group on chiral N-phosphonylimine auxilliary was proven to be superior to other protecting groups in controlling diastereoselectivity. The absolute configuration was unambiguously determined by converting a chiral α-amino phosphonate into its authentic N-Cbz derivative.