Applicability of near infrared spectroscopy as an alternative to acid detergent analysis for cattle and swine manure compost


: T. FUJIWARA, Mie Prefecture Industrial Research Institute, Tsu 514-0819, Japan. Email:


Recently, acid detergent analysis has been reported to provide valid data to evaluate decomposition properties and to determine the available nitrogen (AVN) of organic materials, such as compost. However, this methodology requires complex procedures and creates considerable costs. As an alternative, near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) was evaluated as a simple method to determine acid detergent fiber (ADF), acid detergent lignin (ADL) and acid-detergent-soluble organic matter (ADSOM), in order to evaluate the decomposition properties of cattle and swine manure compost. To establish an easy and accurate method of estimating AVN in cattle and swine manure compost, the accuracies of direct estimations of AVN by NIRS in incubation experiments and indirect estimations by NIRS based on acid-detergent-soluble nitrogen (ADSN) or total nitrogen (TN) were examined. The reflectance spectra of freeze-dried and milled compost samples were determined using a scanning monochromator. Second derivative spectra and multiple regression analysis were used to develop calibration equations for each constituent. The calibration equations for ADF, ADL and ADSOM were “successful” according to commonly applied criteria. Acid-detergent-soluble nitrogen was found to be more suitable than TN for estimating AVN in cattle and swine manure compost. As the accuracies of the estimations of ADSN and TN by NIRS were comparable, the estimation of AVN based on ADSN as determined by NIRS was more accurate than that based on TN determined by NIRS. The direct prediction of AVN through NIRS was not as accurate as the estimation of AVN based on ADSN determined by NIRS. We conclude that NIRS is a practicable alternative to the time-consuming acid detergent analysis of cattle and swine compost, and that ADSN as determined by NIRS is useful for estimating AVN in the compost.