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On-Engine Measurement of Turbocharger Surge Limit


J. Galindo,
CMT-Motores Térmicos, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia E46071, Spain


In this article a new experimental technique is presented to measure the turbocharger surge limit in a regular engine test bench. It is known that the surge margin on engine tests may be very different from that obtained in a steady-flow gas-stand. In particular, surge is very dependent on the flow pattern produced by the compressor inlet duct and also on the piping upstream and downstream the compressor. The proposed technique that is based on the injection of pressurized air into the intake manifold is compared with the other ways of measuring the compressor map on engine. Some results with different compressor arrangements are presented and discussed. It is demonstrated that this technique allows for measuring not only the actual surge line but also the complete compressor performance map.