• Dynamic Testing;
  • Fatigue;
  • Dynamic;
  • Dynamic Behavior of Materials;
  • Machinery and Mechanisms;
  • Mechanical

Many technical applications use inflatable structures from textiles. The compound pocket fabrics we propose to study are very tight texture technical polyester filament multilayer fabrics woven on a Jacquard weaving loom and then coated with various matters to ensure their air tightness. Various tests were accomplished on these compound pockets, and a specific fatigue testing machine has been developed to carryout tests under different pressures, compression forces, and frequencies. A set of tests shows in one hand that it is quite impossible to mechanically fatigue the textile structure. But these tests highlight that the main problem is due to the coating delamination which induces air leakage, and in a second hand that the own frequency of the pocket fabric is one of the most important parameters.