• Tube to Tube Plate Welding;
  • Macro and Microstructural Study;
  • Hardness;
  • Tensile Strength


During the past few decades, the field of welding technology has been witnessing tremendous challenges. Welding is an important metal fabrication process that has high potential for industrial applications. Friction welding is a vital solid state joining process that has gained popularity in welding non-weldable alloys. Friction welding of tube to tube plate using an external tool (FWTPET) is an innovative friction welding process and it was invented in the year 2006. FWTPET is capable of welding tube to tube plate of similar or dissimilar metals and is capable of producing good-quality leak-proof weld joints. In this work, four different tube diameter conditions in FWTPET welding have been studied. Macrostructural and microstructural studies have been conducted and they reveal the weld configuration that is susceptible to defect formation. Hardness and tensile strength of four different tube diameter preparations have been analyzed. The present study leads to the production of defect-free weld joints which have numerous industrial applications.