• Whole Body Vibration;
  • Suspended Cabin Tractor Semitrailer Driver;
  • Health Risk;
  • Estimated Vibration Dose Value;
  • Exposure Duration

This work has been conducted to find out the health risk associated with driving suspended cabin tractor semitrailer. Suspended cabin tractor semitrailer drivers are exposed to whole body vibration during their work. Some drivers suffer from low back pain caused by vibration. However, due to the lack of investigations there is no evidence of relation between the whole body vibration from the means of conveyance and low back pain. The practical significance of applying suspended cabin type of tractor semitrailer was tested at different road conditions as well as in both loaded and unloaded conditions at different speeds for comfortable driver seat interface (x– longitudinal, y– transverse, and z– vertical axes). Average running root mean squared weighted accelerations for suspended cabin tractor semitrailer were between 0.5624 and 1.4368 m/s2 at the driver seat interface in the translational axes. The acceleration suspended cabin tractor semitrailer drivers are prove to exceed the upper exposure limit of 8-h work day as outlined in ISO 2631 when they work continuously.