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Experimental Research of Characteristics of Modified Tube Absorbers of Kinetic Collision Energy of Passenger Coaches



Development of elements for absorption of collision energy of railway vehicles represent an important segment in the design of new and restoration of existing railway passenger coaches. Absorption elements are part of passive protection measures used railway vehicles. Passive protection role is achieved when crash repercussions during impact are minimized. In this article, the analysis of the characteristics of modified tube absorbers for kinetic collision energy of passenger coaches is performed. The research focuses on quasi-static tests and dynamic tests. The presented solution is based on the use of steel tube elements that absorb a certain amount of collision energy of passenger coaches by controlled plastic deformation. The modified tube absorber is installed in a row with a standard buffer for passenger coaches. Given the results obtained, a final evaluation of this type of absorber is done. In addition, proposal for further research is offered with the goal to increase the safety level in railway traffic.