• Engineering Education;
  • Hands-On Approach;
  • Mechanics Education

In this study, we developed teaching materials and lesson plans to expand students' understanding of fundamental engineering principles through experimentation with and manufacturing of real products. The products used for this study were a model car and a walking model. With the development of these products as a specific objective and not using special equipment, we aimed to enable students to learn and utilize one of fundamental discipline in engineering, mechanics. The products were introduced in a lecture format class and the effectiveness of the lesson plan was evaluated. Results of the evaluations administered at the beginning and the end of the class showed that the students obtained a greater understanding of mechanics by engaging in the design and production of the two products. Concept maps created by the students showed that through the lesson, they improved their ability to apply scientific knowledge to experimental investigation and manufacturing processes. Moreover, results of a survey questionnaire suggested an improvement in students' aptitude for and confidence in applying scientific knowledge to real problems, including experiments and product manufacturing.