Production of Metal Matrix Composites by the Vortex Method and Investigation of the Effect of Changing Casting Temperature on Particles Ratio of Product-Composite



In this study, Al-2011 alloyed and Al2O3 particle-reinforced metal matrix composite (MMCs) were produced by using the Vortex method. Immediately after pouring composite to the mold and before full solidification, the porosity inside composite has decreased to accepted values by applied pressure. Product-composites were produced with approximately 8, 16, and 24 vol% Al2O3 particles. The effects of casting temperature were investigated on production of MMCs at targeted particle ratios. In addition, the effects of increased particle ratio to hardness were tested. According to the results of experiments, when casting temperature changes, the particle ratio of product-composite and rest-composite (the composite that remains at the bottom of pot after casting) also changes. As the difference between casting temperature and proper casting temperature grows, the difference between those rates increases. Moreover, it can be clearly seen that the increasement at composite's particle ratio also cause to an increase at hardness.