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The Protection of Geographical Indications in Pakistan: Implementation of the TRIPS Agreement


  • Muhammad Hamid Ali


Geographical indications (GIs) have assumed greater importance in terms of juridical development and economic diplomacy with their inclusion in Trade-Related Intellectual Property Agreement (TRIPS) of World Trade Organization (WTO). Its importance for older economies and countries with strong agricultural base has become manifold. In this paper, I have analysed the implementation of GI provisions of TRIPS Agreement in Pakistan where agriculture is a major chunk of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Although there are hundreds of GIs in Pakistan, like India, yet paradoxically there is not a single registration of GIs under the prevailing legal setup. Hence inadequacies are examined, which hamper the development of GIs legal regime in Pakistan. Comparative examples have been taken with regard to the development of the Sui Generis Law of GIs in India and GI Regulations of European Union (EU). I have also analysed the potential of GIs in Pakistan and the economic aspect of GIs with respect to its correlation with development. At the end, I have discussed the challenges, the role of the State and way forward.