The American Jury at Twenty-Five Years


  • Valerie P. Hans,

    1. Harry Kalven, Jr., and Hans Zeisel, The American Jury. Boston: Little, Brown, 1966. pp. 559.
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  • Neil Vidmar

    1. Valerie P. Hans is associate professor of criminal justice and psychology, University of Delaware. Ph.D. 1978, University of Toronto. Neil Vidmar is professor of social science and law, Duke Law School. Ph.D. 1967, University of Illinois-Urbana.
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  • The authors benefited greatly from a 5 Feb. 1991 telephone conference call interview with Hans Zeisel. Professor Zeisel furnished context, insights, and a personal perspective that enhanced our understanding of the development and impact of The American Jury. We also profited from conversations with Judge Abner Mikva, Felice Levine, Shari Diamond, Howard Erlanger, and Michael Saks. Finally Janet Sinder and Ken Hirsh of Duke Law Library provided vital research assistance for the sections on scholarly citations of The American Jury.