Six years and still moving forward


  • Geoffrey A. Donnan

Six years ago I had little idea that the International Journal of Stroke would become so well established in such a short time and popular so quickly with the global stroke community. The positive feedback from stroke care professionals world wide and the enthusiasm and willingness to share their ideas are some of the great pleasures of editing this journal.

Our fast growth means we have, on occasions, taken longer than we would like to get some articles in print. We have addressed this by introducing IJS Early View online which was launched early this year. IJS Early View means your article will appear online to be cited very soon after the acceptance date; which will benefit our authors and readers, especially those either wishing to refer to their work in other articles or research grants.

Our commitment to building IJS as a global journal means we have translated editions in Chinese, Vietnamese and more recently, Russian and Ukraine. I would like to thank the Russian publisher Dmitriy Gulyayev for his tireless efforts producing our most recent translated editions; which are of excellent quality. We would like to expand the number of translated editions to further languages particularly Spanish, and Japanese. To facilitate the production of our translated editions we plan to establish an international committee to oversee the existing editions as well as assist in indentifying potential new areas of expansion and sponsorship, we would be interested in your contribution to this committee.

Peer reviewers are the backbone of success for any medical journal. When you are a young author working on your first manuscript, the comments and instruction of your professional peers can establish the manuscript writing standards for the rest of your career.

The team of reviewers at IJS are multi disciplinary, some review many times for us, some only once or twice; geneticists, basic scientists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, neurologists, radiologists, epidemiologists, statisticians; clinicians from developing countries and developed countries alike come together to build a global journal. IJS is a journal we are proud to produce and one that you helped us create.

In previous years we have thanked our reviewers on the pages of the journal. We cannot continue to do this, as the list is now too long! However, I would like to thank all of you who have reviewed for the journal, for your efforts, particularly your prompt responses, your queries, your care, your communication, and most importantly your time and commitment to an old but proven system that fed your career as you now feed the career of others: thank you. The importance of the reviewer process can not be underestimated. Once again we have been served magnificently by our team of reviewers.

I have listed our distinguished reviewing panel as a supplement to this editorial to be found online as a supplement file.

The Conference Dairy is a great place to announce a conference anywhere in the world; many of our readers have found this to be a useful resource. Since our inception we have published meeting abstracts and now offer a link to podcast interviews with keynote speakers from iTunes or via society websites as part of this package; this provides a dynamic interaction for attendees and those who may attend in coming years. This has broadened the message and visibility of smaller regional meetings.

In this edition as in others we continue to weave a rich tapestry of content ranging from a sub study of the CHARISMA trial through to stroke care in Saudi Arabia and the history of animal models in stroke. Our clinical trial protocols section contains DESTINY II and a study of the efficacy of intravenous tissue plasminogen activator in central retinal artery occlusion. Enjoy the read!