World Stroke Day special edition: where are we six-years on?


  • Geoff Donnan

World Stroke Day (WSD) is always of particular importance to the editorial team of the International Journal of Stroke. It was on October 29, 2006 that the World Stroke Organization was formed and the WSD declared in Cape Town, South Africa. In the same year, we saw the birth of the International Journal of Stroke. Both IJS and the WSD are in their sixth year, and both are getting bigger and better. Indeed, our latest achievement has been to cross the landmark 3.0 impact factor barrier, with our latest exciting rating of 3·125. This incredible achievement in such a short period of time is a testament to the skill and dedication of the editorial team and our dynamic board, and the enormous groundswell of support we have received from around the globe.

The WSD has proven to be a magnificent vehicle to disseminate stroke information and transcend the gulf between the reality for those with stroke and the political necessity for taking action. This is particularly evident in developing countries where WSD activities have been prominent due to the extraordinarily collaborative efforts of all health care professionals. As is our tradition, we have marked WSD with our special edition and an accompanying editorial by Markku Kaste, Chairman of WSD and Bo Norrving, President of the World Stroke Organization.

In conjunction with the WSD edition we introduce our series on stroke, cognition and vascular dementia edited by Dr Amy Brodtmann; her introductory editorial follows.

We also have a fascinating series of articles including an excellent leading opinion from our newly appointed Associate Editor Patrick Lyden; you'll find a lively interview in this edition's pages.

Good reading!