ijs843-sup-0001-si.pdf127K Appendix S1. Details of the RoPE component databases.
ijs843-sup-0001-si.pdf127K Appendix S2. Definitions of infarct size by study (only those from which size data were available).
ijs843-sup-0001-si.pdf127K Appendix S3. Definitions of stroke mechanisms used for adjudication of end-points.
ijs843-sup-0001-si.pdf127K Appendix S4. Development of the RoPE database and assimilation of variables from primary data.
ijs843-sup-0001-si.pdf127K Appendix S5. List of German centers and investigators who contributed data to the RoPE project.
ijs843-sup-0001-si.pdf127K Appendix S6. List of centers and investigators from the French PFO-ASA study who contributed data to the RoPE project.

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