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Treatment of landfill leachate using Fenton process and coagulation/flocculation



Fatima Boumechhour, Department of Environmental Engineering,National Polytechnic School 10, Avenue Hassen Badi El-Harrach BP 182, Algiers, Algeria. Email:;


Coagulation/flocculation process, Fenton oxidation and combinations between them were studied, aiming to provide an efficient method for the treatment of partially stabilized leachates. Leachates were collected from a municipal landfill site, samples containing around 3800 mg/L COD, BOD5/COD ratio about 0.11 and pH around 8. The sequence of stages implemented was: (a) coagulation/flocculation; (b) Fenton oxidation; (c) coagulation/flocculation followed by Fenton oxidation which resulted in a best COD removal (63.62%) and (d) Fenton oxidation followed by coagulation/flocculation.