• climate parameters;
  • groundwater level;
  • NAOI;
  • Turkey


Groundwater, the most reliable fresh water source, is used for drinking, domestic and agricultural purposes. Thereby, understanding its behaviour is important for the sustainability of groundwater sources. In this study, relations between the trends of climate parameters [recharge depending on precipitation, temperature and North Atlantic Oscillation Index (NAOI)] and groundwater levels trend were investigated for Torbali Region in Turkey. The human impact that is one of the deterministic components on the groundwater level has been removed from the groundwater level data sets. An increasing trend was observed in the early 1990s, and turning points were determined by using paired t-test. The trends of the groundwater levels indicate that climate parameters affect groundwater levels in the similar manner. According to the results of the analyses, it is revealed that there is a similar linear variation that is strong and inverse between the trends of NAOI and meteorological indicator (temperature and recharge) and groundwater level.