Prudent Statesmen: Kissinger, Truman, and Thatcher


  • Alberto R. Coll

    1. Charles H. Stockton Professor of International Law at the United States Naval War College. He has also taught at Georgetown University. In addition to numerous articles on ethics, grand strategy, and the use of force, Dr. Coil is the author of The Wisdom of Statecraft (Duke University Press, 1985) and The Western Heritage and American Values: Law, Theology and History (University Press of America, 1982) and coeditor (with Anthony Arend) of The Falklands War (Allen & Unwin, 1985). He was also a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict in the Bush administration.
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Review essay of “Diplomacy,” by Henry Kissinger; “Truman,” by David McCullough; and “The Downing Street Years,” by Margaret Thatcher.