Book Reviews


Books reviewed in this article:

Immigration and Identity: Turmoil, Treatment, and Transformation. By Salman Akhtar

Islam Outside the Arab World., Edited by David Westerlund and Ingvar Svangberg

Nmer Ishrnic Movements in Western Europe. Research in Migration and Ethnic Relations Series. By Lars Pedersen

The Arab Shi'a: The Forgotten Muslims. By Graham E. Fuller and Rend Rahim Francke

Language, Ethnicity and Education: Case Shidies of Immigrant Minoridy Groups and Immigrant Minority Languages. By Peter Broeder and Cuss Extra

Smuggled Chinese – Clandestine Immigration to the United States. By KO-Lin Chin

Black Identities: West Indian Immigrant Dreams and American Realities. By Mary C. Waters

Work and Community Among West African Workers Since the Nineteenth Century. By Diane Frost

Japanese Bosses, Chinese Workers: Power and Control in a Hong Kong Megastore. By Wong Heung Wah

Outsiders : A History of European Minorities. By Panikos Panayi

Muslims in the Diaspora: the Somali Communities of London and Toronto. By Rima Berns

Haitians - Migration and Diaspora. By Anthony V. Catanese

Kurdish Dimporas: a Comparative Study of Kurdid Refigee Communities. By Osten Wahlbeck

Life on the Outside: the Tamil Diaspora and Long Distance Nationalism. By Oivind Fuglerud

The Sikh Diaspora. The Searcb for Statehood. By Darshan Singh Tatla

Labour Circulation and Socioeconomic Transformation: The Case of East Java, Indonesia, 1999. By Ernst Spaan

Vietnam. By Spencer C. Tucker

The Israel Connection and American Jews. By David Mittelberg