The Kattegat Centre, Grenaa



The Kattegat Centre, situated on the waterfront at Grenaa, has been established to educate the public about the marine environment, in particular about the Kattegat, the shallow waters between Sweden and Denmark. The development comprises three main exhibition sections: an Aquarium, displaying local and exotic fish, a Science Centre, with interactive exhibits exploring the physical aspects of marine waters, and an Environmental Centre, demonstrating the influence of mankind's activities on the sea and its inhabitants. The Aquarium is divided into three sections, a temperate-water exhibit area displaying local species, a tropical exhibit area and a quarantine station. The Aquarium exhibits range from a touch pool showing locally acquired species of fish and invertebrates to a large mixed species display featuring sharks from Florida waters. The Centre also runs an education programme which aims to encourage schoolchildren to adopt a positive approach to biology and man's relationship with the oceans.