Rearing and first reproduction of the Savi's pipistrelle Pipistrellus savii at Group of Study and Conservation Chiroptera, Florence



In July 1993 a young Savi's pipistrelle Pipistrellus savii♀ was taken into the Group of Study and Conservation Chiroptera, Tuscany. In September 1993 she was observed mating with a ♂ in the colony and two months later the ♀ went into three-and-a-half months' hibernation. In July 1994 she gave birth to 1.1 young. While the ♀ was nursing the normal diet for adults, Tenebrio molitor larvae raised on protein-enriched bran, was supplemented with milk for human babies to avoid the possibility of calcium deficiency which could have an effect on ossification in the neonates. The young had completed their growth in four weeks and were capable of flight by 35–40 days.