• CDV;
  • FIV;
  • pedigree;
  • SSP;
  • studbook;
  • taxonomy

The Lion Panthera leo is easily maintained and has bred successfully in captivity. Although the need for management was recognized in 1969, the African lion was considered genetically healthy in captivity and a regional studbook for North America was not approved until 1992. The identification of wild-born founders has proved to be problematic and for ex situ conservation action to be effective, only animals of known origin are included in the SSP and stud-book. Of the five extant subspecies that are recognized by the Felid TAG and the SSP, only P. I. krugeri and P. I nubicus have been identified in the North American population, and only P. I. krugeri has any long-term breeding potential. feline immunodeficiency virus and canine distemper virus have serious implications for management and the SSP has recommended that all felids are tested and FIV-positive animals isolated. The SSP is seeking to collaborate with workers in Africa who can identify animals that can be exported without adversely affecting in situ conservation status.