• Bou-Hedma National Park;
  • introduction;
  • mhorr gazelle;
  • reintroduction;
  • Tunisia

Since 1968 the Mhorr gazelle Gazella dama mhorr has been extinct in the wild. In October 1994 4.10 Mhorr gazelles were transferred from Almeria to the Bou-Hedma National Park, Tunisia. The Park is open shrub habitat dominated by an extensive cover of Acacia raddiana (–tortilis) trees, similar to that of the former range of the species. The gazelles were maintained in a 10 ha acclimatization enclosure for 5 months before being released into a 2000 ha total protection zone. This paper describes the introduction of the gazelles to native food species, veterinary preparations, social relationships and dominance, pattern of activity and flight distance of the introduced animals. Three days after release into the protected area the new herd was joined by five Mhorr gazelles which had already been living in the Park, making a group of 19 animals.