• black-naped hare;
  • enclosure design;
  • growth;
  • hand-rearing;
  • milk consumption;
  • neonatal care

Orphaned Black-naped hare Lepus nigricollis nigricollis leverets were brought to Coimbatore Zoo in July 1994, and January and March 1995. Cow's milk was used to hand-rear the animals successfully although it has a high lactose and low protein content and is unlike the milk of leporids. Leveret 1 weighed 180 g 3 days after arrival and 750 g 30 days later, a mean increase of 19 g per day. Leveret 2 weighed 250 g on day of arrival and 650 g 30 days later, a mean increase of c. 13 g per day. Leveret 3 gained 235 g in 9 days, a mean increase of 26 g per day. Grass and forbs were offered from day of arrival but were not eaten for c. 10 days.