The impact of an institutional review: a change of emphasis towards field conservation programmes



The expanding role of zoos beyond home-based captive breeding., research and education into field conservation is a welcome but relatively recent phenomenon, which has developed as zoos have begun to recognize the importance of managing metapopulations and of linking captive breeding to conservation efforts for wild populations of threatened taxa and their habitats. An institutional review undertaken by Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust between 1994 and 1996 has highlighted and stimulated the processes by which a single organization can strengthen its role in field conservation. Various operational tools, such as mission, strategy, objectives, structure, resources and communications, are examined and examples are given of the ways they have been honed by the review to facilitate the shift of emphasis. The review and the implementation of its recommendations reveal a multifarious approach that can be adapted by similar-sized institutions as they move towards playing a more active role in field conservation.