Husbandry and breeding of Palm cockatoos Probosciger aterrimus at Rotterdam Zoo



Since the mid-1980s 22 Palm cockatoos Probosciger aterrimus (10.7 adults and 2.1.2 young birds) have been maintained at Rotterdam Zoo. Health problems and husbandry experiences with this species are recounted here. Nine (5.4) adults died, five within 2 years of acquisition through governmental confiscation. Three ♂♂were relocated to other zoos which had single ♀♀ Since 199! ten eggs (nine fertile) have been produced collectively by two ♀♀ with three ♂♂ Five eggs hatched, from which two chicks which were being hand-reared died, one at 6 weeks and one at 6 months of age. One chick was unsuccessfully fostered by a pair of Red-sided eclectus parrots Eclectus roratus polychloros and two chicks were successfully parent-reared: a ♀ in 1995 and a ♂ in 1997.