Promoting Protection Through Pride: a manual to facilitate successful conservation-education programmes developed at RARE Center for Tropical Conservation



RARE Center for Tropical Conservation is a nonprofit, unaffiliated organization founded in 1973 to promote the conservation of tropical wildlife and habitats, and to serve local conservation organizations in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Pacific. RARE Center has developed a successful and reproducible approach for promoting conservation awareness in a programme called Promoting Protection Through Pride, a locally driven, locally staffed, 1 year outreach campaign that uses marketing techniques, colourful flagship species (usually a threatened bird) and national pride to generate grass-roots support for conservation. RARE Center provides a conservation-education manual, core materials, such as posters and badges, and technical assistance to the lead agency (normally a government forestry department or national trust) and local counterpart, who tailor the campaign to address the ecological, social, political and economic realities of the target country or region. In this paper details are given of seven species or subspecies where the conservation-education programme of RARE Center has been utilized, in many instances, to a positive advantage.