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On 31 July 1993, after nearly 4 years of design and construction, Oklahoma City Zoological Park opened Great EscApe, a state-of-the-art exhibit for the maintenance and conservation of three species of great ape: Western lowland gorilla Gorilla gorilla gorilla, Sumatran orang-utan Pongo pygmaeus abelii and Chimpanzee Pan troglodytes. The 2–6 ha enclosure comprises a large support facility, four spacious outdoor exhibit areas, two visitor centres, a children's activity loop, an open-air pavilion and a research station. In addition, Great EscApe provides an educational experience for visitors covering all facets of great ape biology and the conservation challenges which these species present. Extensive landscaping with plants, many of which simulate the natural surroundings of the apes, was utilized throughout the exhibit.