Breeding and hand-rearing Storm's storks Ciconia stormi at the Zoological Society of San Diego



The Storm's stork Ciconia stormi is an Endangered Ciconiiforme from the inaccessible peat swamp forests and undisturbed freshwater habitats of Borneo, Sumatra, peninsular Malaysia and Thailand. The species is secretive so there are few published references describing its natural history. Two Storm's storks in 1993 and a further two in 1995 (four in total) were transferred from Zoo Negara, Malaysia, to the Zoological Society of San Diego, California, USA. One pair bred over a 4 year period and produced 34 eggs in 12 clutches: 12 chicks hatched, eight of which survived. This article describes the husbandry techniques and courtship for adult Storm's storks, and incubation (both by parents and in incubator), growth and development of chicks.