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Notes on the development and behaviour of two Binturong Arctictus binturong litters born at Taronga Zoo, Sydney



Binturongs Arctictus binturong have been maintained at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia, since 1958 and the species bred there for the first time in 1962. In 2005, an unrelated pair were acquired from Singapore Zoo with the intention of establishing a breeding pair. A new purpose-built facility was constructed with suitable space and climbing opportunities. The Binturong pair underwent an introduction programme and they first mated 4 weeks after the initial introduction. A birth plan was formulated, which included the installation of surveillance cameras and not separating the ♂ from the ♀. In 2007, two litters of cubs [0.1 and 2.1 (♂.♀)] were born and developmental data were collected. The data were reviewed and, based on four shared categories, were evaluated and discussed.