Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Tensions of Arterial Blood during Heavy and Exhaustive Exercise



  • 1Oxygen and carbon dioxide tensions of arterial blood were determined in 14 young athletes, at rest and during muscular work of defined absolute and relstire intensities.
  • 2The oxygen tension of arterial blood was lower during heavy work (pulse-rate 168) than at rest, the mean difference being 17 mm Hg. Exhaustive work caused a further decrease in 02 tension (mean 7 mm Hg). Carbon dioxide tension tended to decrease during exhaustive work, and was remarkably low in some cases.
  • 3The divergent results reported earlier were probably obtained at different relative work loads. The necessity to define the work, at which measurements of arterial gas tensions are made, is stressed. The results are discussed with regard to the factors limiting the aerobic working capacity.