Tygstrup, N. Determination of the hepatic galactose elimination capacity after a single intravenous injection in man. The reproducibility and the influence of uneven distribution. Acta physiol. scand. 1963. 58. 162–172. — The hepatic galactose elimination capacity was determined from the disappearance curve in blood after a single intravenous injection. Using conventional principles for the calculation the results in repeated experiments were reproducible within 10 per cent. Comparison of the results obtained by this method with those of an infusion method showed that the latter were consistently smaller. This difference, amounting to an average of 15 per cent, might be caused by uneven distribution of galactose between its intra- and extravascular volume of distribution. From theoretical considerations it was deduced that the uneven distribution might be corrected for by parallel displacement of the arterial concentration curve along the time axis. Experiments with continuous infusions at different rates indicated that on the average the curve of the mean concentrations in the body was delayed 7 min in relation to the arterial curve. When the single injection experiments were corrected for this delay, the difference between the results of single injection and infusion experiments disappeared.