Downstream from calcium signalling: mitochondria, vacuoles and pancreatic acinar cell damage


A. Tepikin, Physiological Laboratory, University of Liverpool, Crown Street, Liverpool L69 3BX, UK. E-mail:


Ca2+ is one of the most ancient and ubiquitous second messengers. Highly polarized pancreatic acinar cells serve as an important cellular model for studies of Ca2+ signalling and homeostasis. Downstream effects of Ca2+ signalling have been and continue to be an important research avenue. The primary functions regulated by Ca2+ in pancreatic acinar cells – exocytotic secretion and fluid secretion – have been defined and extensively characterized in the second part of the last century. The role of cytosolic Ca2+ in cellular pathology and the related question of the interplay between Ca2+ signalling and bioenergetics are important current research lines in our and other laboratories. Recent findings in these interwoven research areas are discussed in the current review.