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Multiprofessional collaboration promoting home care clients' personal resources: perspectives of older clients


  • Sini Eloranta MNSc, RN,

  • Seija Arve PhD, RN,

  • Pirkko Routasalo PhD, RN

Sini Eloranta
Department of Nursing Science
20014 University of Turku
Telephone: +358 40 722 1079


Home care can be decisive in supporting older people in the home environment. However, one professional in home care cannot take the whole responsibility for promotion alone; on the contrary multiprofessional collaboration is needed. The aim of the study is to describe the experiences of multiprofessional collaboration in promoting personal resources among older home care clients (75+ years) in Finland. The data were collected by unstructured interviews with 21 older home care clients. Their mean age was 83.5 years, ranging from 75 to 91, with 17 female and four male participants. Inductive content analysis was used to analyze the data. The interviewees described the work of professionals from four perspectives: expertise, communication, decision-making and responsibility. Multiprofessional collaboration promoted the personal resources of interviewees with physical, psychological and social support. This study showed that the professionals worked as being expert-oriented: in the multiprofessional collaboration, each expert took care of his/her own part of the client’s situation. This included the risk,, that the client’s overall situations remained uncharted. However, the client’s overall situation is a very important aspect when professionals suppport older people living in their own homes as long as possible. This study revealed the need for developing collaboration skills between social and health care professionals so that the staffs serve the needs of aged clients better together.