Gromley K.J. (2011) Falls prevention and support: translating research, integrating services and promoting the contribution of service users for quality and innovative programmes of care. International Journal of Older People Nursing6, 307–314.

In the paper detailed above, a citation to another authors’ work was omitted. The sentences in question are as follows:

Falls are a significant threat to the safety, health and independence of older citizens. Despite the substantial evidence that is available around effective falls prevention programmes and interventions, their translation into falls reduction programmes and policies has yet to be fully realised.

The above sentences should have been referenced to Day et al. (2011). The reference should have been:

Day L., Finch C.F., Hill K.D., Haines T.P., Clemson L., Thomas M. & Thompson C. (2011) A protocol for evidence-based targeting and evaluation of statewide strategies for preventing falls among community-dwelling older people in Victoria, Australia. Injury Prevention17, e3.

The author apologises for the omission.