A case of histiocytic ulcerative colitis (granulomatous colitis) in a one–year–old female French Bulldog is described. Until now this disease has been described only in the Boxer breed.

The dog had an increased frequency of defaecation and the faeces contained blood and mucus. Colonoscopy showed some irregularities and a few haemorrhages in the mucosa of the caudal part of the colon. At a distance of approximately 25 cm from the anus there was a stricture caused by rigidity of the colon wall. Radiographic examination revealed marked shortening of the colon. There was also narrowing of the midpoint of the descending colon in some radiographs, but the colon appeared to be fully distensible when filled with barium. Histologically, periodic acid–Schiff (PAS)–positive staining histiocytes were found in biopsy and autopsy specimens from the colon.