Hypertrophic gastritis of the pyloric antrum is described in an 11-year-old female poodle, a 14-year-old male Maltese terrier and a 13-year-old male mongrel. The dogs suffered from chronic vomiting. Gastroscopic examination revealed mucosal proliferations in dogs 1 and 3. Radiographic examination showed signs of pyloric obstruction in all three dogs. Contrast studies demonstrated thickenings in the region of the pylorus in dogs 1 and 2. Laparotomy was done in all three dogs: in dog 1 a gastro-duodenostomy was performed and in dogs 2 and 3 the circularly thickened mucosa was resected. The mucosa of all three dogs showed hypertrophic gastritis, chiefly due to foveolar hyperplasia, and round cell infiltration, especially in the superficial layers. Herniation of mucosal glands through the muscularis mucosae was found in dog 1. Dogs 1 and 2 recovered well and vomiting ceased. Dog 3 continued to vomit because of a pyloric stenosis, mainly due to muscular hypertrophy.