Thrombocytopenia in the cavalier King Charles spaniel


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Blood samples were collected for the determination of platelet counts from 102 cavalier King Charles spaniels which had no history of bleeding disorders. Thrombocytopenia was found in 31 per cent of the samples when the lower reference limit was set at 100 X 109/litre. The platelet count of the males (mean ± SD, 147 X 109/litre ± 15 X 109/litre) was found to be significantly (P<0.05) lower than that of the females (mean ± SD, 202 X 109/litre ± 13 X 109/litre). The platelet counts from a reference group of 16 normal beagles, analysed identically, were not lower than 189 X 109/litre and no significant difference was found between males (mean ± SD, 249 X 109/litre ± 14 X 109/litre) and females (mean ± SD, 282 X 109/litre ± 20 X 109/litre).