A study was made of dogs with Hansen type I thoracolumbar disc extrusions that had been treated by hemilaminectomy and fenestration of the affected disc. Follow-up information was available for 40 dogs undergoing treatment over a five-year period. The follow-up period ranged from 12 to 72 months (mean 34 months). The case details and the results of treatment of these 40 dogs are presented. All dogs were graded according to the degree of neurological dysfunction at the time of initial presentation and at the conclusion of the study period. Twenty-seven dogs (68 per cent) had no detectable signs of neurological dysfunction or thoracolumbar pain at the final assessment and a further eight dogs (20 per cent) had mild ambulatory paraparesis but were regarded by their owners as functional pets. Recurrence of neurological signs consistent with thoracolumbar disc disease was seen in five dogs (13 per cent) and was successfully resolved completely in one of three dogs that were treated.