Potentiating effect of EDTA-Tris on the activity of antibiotics against resistant bacteria associated with otitis, dermatitis and cystitis



Possible synergistic effects of the combination of EDTA-tromethamine (EDTA-Tris) and three antimicrobial agents (cephaloridine, kanendomycin and enrofloxacin) against resistant Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria are reported. Bacteria were isolated from eight cases of chronic otitis externa, five cases of chronic dermatitis and four cases of recurrent cystitis in dogs which had previously been treated with one of the three antibiotics without success. Animals exposed to EDTA-tromethamine plus the antibiotic recovered completely within 10 days, and were controlled clinically and bacteriologically for 180 days. Local irrigation with EDTA-tromethamine solution was well tolerated and no side effects were recorded.