A miniature schnauzer with a history of apathy, anorexia and jaundice was presented to the Utrecht University Clinic for Companion Animals. Abnormal laboratory findings included highly increased levels of total bile acids and alkaline phosphatase, and hyponatraemia. Abdominal ultrasonography revealed that the right side of the liver was enlarged and the left side was small, together with a thrombus in the portal vein. Biopsies from the right side of the liver demonstrated subacute to chronic active hepatitis, for which the dog was treated with prednisolone (1 mg/kg/day for four weeks). No improvement was observed and the owner requested euthanasia. At necropsy the left lobes of the liver were found to be small and firm, while the right lobes were large and soft. There were two thrombi in the portal vein. Microscopic examination revealed chronic active hepatitis and cirrhosis.