Ultrasonographic diagnosis of unusual portal vascular abnormalities in two cats



Two cases of ascites secondary to portal vascular abnormalities associated with portal hypertension are described. In the first case a five-month-old cat was presented with recurrent ascites and investigations showed that the underlying cause was a hepatic arteriovenous fistula. Ultrasonography showed direct communication of the coeliac artery and right branch of the portal vein. There was also hepatofugal flow in the main portal vein consistent with portal hypertension. The ultrasonographic features were similar to those seen in dogs with hepatic arteriovenous fistulae. In the second case, ascites, portal hypertension and an intraluminal mass in the main portal vein was diagnosed in a 16-year-old cat that had been presented with hyperthyroidism and hepatomegaly. Acquired portosystemic collaterals involving the left renal vein were present. Additional diagnostic investigations were not permitted. Ultrasonography was useful in both cases to document portal hypertension and the underlying cause.