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Efficacy and safety of cefovecin for the treatment of urinary tract infections in cats



Objectives: To determine the efficacy and safety of cefovecin (Convenia®; Pfizer Animal Health) in the treatment of urinary tract infections in cats.

Method: A multi-centre, masked, randomised study was conducted in cats presenting with clinical signs indicative of urinary tract infections. Cephalexin (Rilexine®; Virbac) administered orally twice daily at 15 mg/kg bodyweight for 14 days was compared with a single subcutaneous injection of cefovecin in cats. The primary efficacy parameter assessed was bacterial elimination of the pretreatment uropathogen.

Results: Four hundred and thirty-four cats were screened for urinary tract infections. One hundred and eighty-five cats were treated with either cefovecin (n=124) or cephalexin (n=61). Ninety-seven cats (22·2 per cent) had confirmed bacteriuria and 82 cats were included in efficacy analysis. Escherichia coli was eliminated in 76·7 per cent (23 of 30) of cefovecin-treated cats compared with 62·5 per cent (10 of 16) of cephalexin-treated cats. Cefovecin demonstrated statistical non-inferiority compared with cephalexin for bacterial elimination. There were no suspected adverse drug reactions attributable to treatment with cefovecin or cephalexin.

Clinical Significance: Cefovecin was demonstrated to be an effective and safe treatment for urinary tract infections.