A four-year-old, 1·3-kg entire male Holland Lop pet rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) was presented with a two-day history of bilateral epiphora and blepharospasm. Fluorescein staining revealed bilateral medio-ventral corneal ulceration. Initial topical treatment included ophthalmic broad-spectrum antibiotics and artificial tear solutions. Over a six-month period, antibiotics were changed based on corneal culture and sensitivity test results, and periodic corneal debridement was performed. With little to no improvement, and recurrence of the previous clinical signs, surgical intervention was considered but withheld because of individual pet consideration and owner's reluctance. Hydrophilic contact lenses were placed for corneal support but failed and caused a severe ocular response. Corneal collagen shields were placed bilaterally in order to promote corneal healing. Recheck examination performed seven days after placement revealed complete resolution of the ulcer in one eye and major reduction of the corneal ulcer in the contra-lateral eye.