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The Proliferation of Case Method Teaching in American Law Schools: Mr. Langdell's Emblematic “Abomination,” 1890-1915


  • Bruce A. Kimball

    1. Bruce A. Kimball ( is writing a biography of Christopher C. Langdell. For their insights and help with many aspects of the research for this essay, I am idebted to Daniel R. Coquillette, David Warrington, and Charles Donahue. In addition, I received helpful suggestions from J. Gravett Hook, Gail Hupper, Mary Elizabeth Basile, Daniel Ernst, and three anonymous reviewers for HEQ. I also gratefully acknowledge that financial and logistical support for the research was received at various points from the Spencer Foundation, the James Barr Ames, Foundation, and the American Council of Learned Societies.
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