Evaluation of Repellency Effect of Two Natural Aroma Mosquito Repellent Compounds, Citronella and Citronellal*


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    The first two authors contributed equally to this work.

*Corresponding author E-mail: kyung813@hanseo.ac.kr, Tel: 82-41-660-1345


Repellent efficacies of two natural aroma compounds, citronella and citronellal, against mosquitoes, Culex pipiens pallens, were evaluated both in field and in vitro. In vitro, the experiment was conducted with three controlled bands impregnated with 30% citronella extract, 15% citronella extract and 30% citronellal extract, and with bands impregnated 30% citronella in field. Data was obtained by the means of counting numbers bitten by mosquitoes per unit time, namely human bait method. Percentage repellencies of above three controlled bands were calculated at 86%, 73%, and 78%, respectively in vitro, and 80% in field, showing high repellent effectiveness against mosquitoes. This estimation was also confirmed by t-test compared between control group and each experimental group.