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Review of the East Asian species of the genera Hybrizon Fallén and Ghilaromma Tobias (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Hybrizontinae)


Jong-Wook Lee, Department of Biology, Yeungnam University, Gyeongsan, 214-1, Korea. Email:


East Asian species of the genera Hybrizon and Ghilaromma are reviewed. Four species of Hybrizon, H. buccatus (Brébisson 1825), H. ghilarovi Tobias, 1988, H. juncoi (Ceballos 1957) and H. flavofacialis Tobias, 1988 and two species of Ghilaromma, G. orientalis Tobias, 1988 and G. ussuriensis Tobias, 1988, were recognized. H. ghilarovi was recorded from Korea, Japan and China, while H. juncoi was recorded from Korea, for the first time. The specimens recorded from Japan as G. fuliginosi (Wilkinson, 1930) by Watanabe (1984) are referred to G. orientalis herein. This species is newly recorded from Korea and Japan. Keys to East Asian species of Hybrizon and the world species of Ghilaromma are also provided.